Keep Safety In Mind When You Go Skiing This Winter

Posted on January 14, 2013

This is the time of the year when people from across California are getting away for a weekend or a week to participate in skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. As such, the potential for injury increases dramatically, as people who only dabble in the sport take to the slopes without having the necessary skills to pilot safely. To make sure that you stay safe if you go skiing this winter season, consider a few safety tips out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Many of the tips revolve around the necessity of having the proper equipment on you when you engage in winter activities. For one thing, an individual should ensure that the binding keeping them attached to their skis is in great shape. That means the level of movement between your boot and the binding itself should be kept at an absolute minimum. The boot also needs to have its safety assured, something that can be done by checking every section that will touch the binding. Such areas need to be composed of hard plastic. Not sure about adequate hardness? Run your fingernail across and consider alternate equipment if you’re able to scratch the surface. Other essential equipment to consider are a shovel and even an avalanche beacon for those times when you get trapped on the mountain.

Many people sustain injuries because they’re not sure how they’re supposed to fall. Don’t make that mistake. First, don’t panic, and keep yourself limber so the damage is limited. Instead of straightening your legs, keep them flexed to absorb some of the impact. You should also protect your arms from breakage by holding them up while falling. Don’t use your arms to break your fall, as all you’re doing is increasing the risk that you’ll break your arm. Wait until your fall has been arrested completely and you’re no longer moving before hopping back up. Such a delay provides you with time to collect yourself and check for any injuries.

Not panicking goes a long way toward protecting yourself in many situations, including incidents where you get thrust headfirst into a snowbank. Keep your breathing steady, and if you can, kick off your skis. Get to an airway as soon as possible and begin to dig out.

However, all of these dangers can be limited by taking someone with you when you go outside. They may not be able to prevent a sudden injury, but he or she can ensure you won’t be left to the elements for any amount of time, and they can call for help should doing so become necessary.

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