Fire and Shock Risk Leads Dolan Northwest to Recall 1,100 Burien Lamps

Posted on January 17, 2013

A series of lamps are being recalled because they could either injure the person in possession of the item or cause property damage if their safety issue leads to a fire breaking out.

The Portland, Oregon-based Dolan Northwest announced the recall, which concerns 72 inch tall Burien floor lamps produced from November 2011 through September of last year.  Each lamp has a model number of 1117 and contains white glass shades and four separate sockets which lights can be plugged into.  A total of 1,100 lamps are affected by the recall.

The recall was necessitated because of the propensity of the on and off switch near the base of the item to experience a failure.  If this were to occur, then melting could become a possibility, along with the attendant fire and shock risks that that entails.  Three instances of melting have already been reported, and one of those has apparently led the floor around the lamp to experience damage.

To make sure that doesn’t happen again, consumers are being asked to unplug the lamps as soon as possible.  These items were sold in the northwest part of the country between November 2010 and September of last year, and they cost $190 or so.  By bringing the lamps back to the place of purchase, owners can get free repairs consisting of replacement of the aforementioned switch.

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