Fall and Choking Risk Prompts Bugaboo Americas to Recall Strollers

Posted on January 15, 2013

A company based right here in California is recalling a series of strollers for the potential hazards they would pose to children.  Parents across the country should take note before an incident befalls them.

The El Segundo-based Bugaboo Americas announced the recall, which pertains to Bugaboo Donkey and Cameleon strollers with a variety of serial numbers.  These items came in a number of colors and are composed of a sun canopy affixed to a base and various other components.  The items were sold at numerous retailers, such as Toys R Us and Buy Buy Baby.  The Donkey cost between $1,200 and $1,600 when it was on sale between January 2011 and last month, whereas the Chameleon cost around $980 when it was available for purchase from September 2009 to June of last year.

The recall was necessitated because a seat handle button could potentially be disengaged, which would lead to the detachment of the carrier handle.  The child inside the unit would then be in danger of sustaining a fall or being choked.  58 incidents have been reported, but thankfully, none of those situations led to an injury.

Nearly 51,000 strollers are being recalled, and if you own one, you should detach the carry handle at once.  Get in touch with Bugaboo to receive a new handle at no cost.

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