Crash Hazard Leads Polaris to Recall Ranger 400 Off-Highway Vehicles

Posted on January 9, 2013

It might be the winter, but in Southern California, we can expect sunny days intermittently all the way up until spring.  As such, off-highway vehicles can be used year-round.  It’s important that vehicle owners thus take note of this next recall, which affects off-highway units throughout the country.

The Medina, Minnesota-based Polaris Industries announced the recall, which affects Polaris Ranger 400 recreational off-highway vehicles of the 2013 model year.  Each affected vehicle will have a model number of R13RH45AG, and every unit is gray and green.  An estimated 327 vehicles are encompassed by this recall announcement.

The announcement became necessary once it was discovered that the throttle on these vehicles might not function adequately, which could compromise the driver’s ability to control the vehicle.  A crash then becomes a possibility.

Thankfully, no such incidents have been reported.  Nevertheless, owners should promptly cease using these 4 x 4 vehicles, which cost around $8,300 when they were sold between July and September of last year.  Polaris should be in touch about free repairs; if not, you may contact them to set up an appointment.

Consumers should heed the directives of this recall, and even those whose off-highway vehicles are in working order should be careful.  Take the necessary precautions while riding, and make sure that passengers are similarly well-versed in the necessary safety measures that need to be taken.

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