Campus Safety Tips For Students Headed Back to Class

Posted on January 11, 2013

With winter break over, college students across California and the country are dragging their feet back to campus to take part in the spring semester, which makes this as good of a time as any to talk about campus safety.  At this point, incoming college students should have a good understanding of and familiarity with the university experience, and thus safety standards might become lax.  To ensure that you’re kept safe from theft and other hazards on campus this spring, consider these tips from the police department of Morehead State University.

First, if you’re going to be parking in a campus parking spot, especially for an extended period of time, make sure that thieves aren’t encouraged to pay attention to your vehicle ahead of all others.  Keep any possessions out of sight, either under the seat or in the trunk.  And when you get out of the vehicle, double check that you’ve locked it before you walk away.

A propensity to double check your dorm room is another way to reduce the chances that a theft will occur.  It can be tempting while in the dorms to go down the hall to hang out without paying any mind to the security of your room.  But prowlers might be counting on that very inattention when they make their move.

Therefore, keep your living space secure at all times, and let that cautious nature carry over to when you hang out in a common area.  If you have a bag or wallet on your person, don’t just leave it out on a table or anywhere else where someone walking by could reach out and take something.

Also stay safe when you head out for class or for any other campus activities.  Many campuses are sprawling areas filled with dark corners and sparsely populated zones.  To protect yourself, head out with friends whenever possible, especially at night.  And whether you’re alone or with other people, be on the lookout for any behavior that could be deemed suspicious or areas that could contain hidden dangers.  Should you see anyone who looks to be doing something outside the norm of acceptable behavior, have a cellphone ready to go so that you can call 911 and report whatever is happening.

Finally, understand the things that tend to be targeted on college campuses.  Mobile devices like phones and tablets are typical, as are cash and the purses and wallets money can be found in.  Have a few emergency numbers ready to go should some sort of incident befall you, and just generally take the necessary precautions to ensure that danger never comes knocking at your door.

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