Airbag Defect Prompts Recall of Odyssey and Pilot Automobiles

Posted on January 23, 2013

Last year, Honda was responsible for issuing recalls for a whopping 3.4 million automobiles, putting the automaker behind only Toyota as having the most recalls announced during the calendar year.  Now, the company is getting a jump on 2013 with a recall affecting just shy of three quarters of a million automobiles.  The vehicle manufacturer is recalling Odyssey and Pilot automobiles of the 2009 through 2013 model years (the Odyssey recall only pertains to 2011 through 2013 models).

Whereas a recall of older model Pilots and Odysseys from this past December focused on the vehicles’ propensity to roll away under certain circumstances, this particular recall comes as a result of a missing component on the airbag module.  One or more rivets meant to keep that section of the vehicle affixed to the airbag cover may not have been put in place.  During a crash, this condition could imperil the ability of the airbag to protect occupants, and thus the threat of an injury becomes more apparent.

Honda will be in touch with owners when the recall begins around February 16.  Once owners hear about the issue, they can bring their vehicles to a dealer, who will be tasked with providing a free inspection.  Should the rivet be missing, it will be replaced at no cost to consumers.

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