800,000 Rock N’ Play Sleepers Recalled by Fisher-Price Over Mold Risk

Posted on January 8, 2013

Hundreds of thousands of infant recliner seats are being recalled because of a mold threat that has been shown to present itself in these items.

Otherwise known as sleepers, these Rock N’ Play seats from Fisher-Price were available across the country starting in September 2009.  Numerous retailers would have had the item, which cost anywhere from $50 to $85.  The recliner is meant to be used by infants weighing up to 25 pounds.  The frame rocks back and forth and is covered by a piece of fabric that comes in a handful of patterns.  Interestingly, the recall does not pertain to products currently on store shelves, but nevertheless, around 800,000 sleepers are affected by the recall.

The East Aurora, New York-based Fisher-Price announced the recall once it was discovered that moisture seeping into the area between the frame and the cushion could lead to the formation of mold.  If not cleaned adequately, this mold contamination could cause the child to sustain some sort of infection or respiratory issue. 600 mold reports have already been filed, and 16 of those involved the child’s parents seeking out medical treatment.

Parents are being advised to remove the cushion and look to see if mold has accumulated.  If it has, the item should not be used.  Instead, parents should check out Mattel’s website for cleaning instructions or else get in touch with Fisher-Price for further information.

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