40 Years of Training Touted By The Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Posted on January 17, 2013

Motorcycle safety is especially important in California, where many parts of the state enjoy warm weather all year round.  Numerous organizations are out there which encourage motorcycle safety, and one such agency is touting four decades of offering training to motorcyclists.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation was founded in 1973 so that motorcyclists would have somewhere to turn for the proper training.  At that time, scant few resources reportedly existed, especially those that offered training regimens backed up by careful study.  Today, the organization attempts to educate motorcyclists and the public alike as to the requisite safety procedures that should be followed, and they also attempt to get policies enacted which further encourage safety.

The Foundation figures that 6.5 million motorcyclists have benefitted from their training efforts, a number that they believe will grow past seven million this year.  400,000 people received training last year from the foundation’s 2,625 education facilities.  Whereas early efforts focused on the fundamentals of riding, recent curricula have focused on dealing with the emotional and social implications of riding and other advanced skills like crash avoidance and hazard detection.

If you’re a motorcyclist just starting out or you’ve been riding for years yet want to brush up on your skills, you could do far worse than seeking instruction from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  It’s but one more way to ensure that roads remain safe for motorcyclists and other drivers.

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