Exploding Exercise Ball Injures NBA Player

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An NBA player has reached a confidential settlement in a lawsuit against the manufacturer and distributors of an exercise ball that exploded during training camp.

Francisco Garcia, then 29, was balancing on a Gymnic Burst Resistant Plus Stability Ball while using dumbbells when the ball burst, causing him to fall and fracture his wrist. Garcia had a metal plate implanted during surgery and missed most of the season for the Sacramento Kings. Even when he resumed playing, he had a restricted range of motion.

Garcia, who was represented by Panish, Shea & Boyle LLP, claimed the product was marketed as suitable for use with weights up to 600 pounds, though it failed under less weight.

The manufacturer, Ledraplastic S.p.a., has agreed to distribute a letter warning customers to never use Gymnic fit balls with weights.

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