Van Nuys Law Enforcement Operation Focuses on Pedestrian Safety

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A pedestrian safety operation was held this morning in Van Nuys, and members of the Valley Traffic Division of the Los Angeles Police Department planned to be on hand to make sure drivers and pedestrians alike are obeying the laws necessary to ensure safe travel.

The effort comes on the heels of worrying statistics pertaining to pedestrian accidents in the San Fernando Valley.  29 pedestrians died throughout the entirety of last year in the area, and police hope to use plainclothes officers at busier intersections to spot vehicle operators who don’t obey the necessary pedestrian safety laws.  Pedestrians not crossing properly could also find themselves on the receiving end of a ticket.

In addition, the VTD has also offered up some valuable tips to persons on foot and people at the wheel.  The former should always adhere to the directives of traffic signage and stay alert for vehicles.  Bright clothing should be worn, and you should verify that drivers in each lane pull to a stop before crossing.  You should also only use crosswalks.

For their part, vehicle operators should always be on the lookout for people on foot.  Don’t use your cellphone at the wheel; instead, focus on the road to ensure you’re going to spot a pedestrian in front of your vehicle.  Give pedestrians the right of way, even when you’re turning and they’re crossing.  And always adhere to the speed limit so that you have ample time to stop.