Protect Your Home From The Dangers of Radon

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It can seem daunting trying to protect your home from all the dangers that can imperil your family’s wellbeing.  One thing that often goes overlooked in many homes is the presence of devices that can test for radon.

Consumer Reports and the Environmental Protection Agency are warning people of the importance of purchasing radon detection systems and fixing issues if a threat is detected.  Authorities estimate that one out of every 15 residences has been compromised by the presence of this dangerous radioactive gas, leading to around 21,000 fatalities from lung cancer every single year.

Many people probably have a vague understanding of radon.  Most soil contains trace amounts of uranium, and when that substance decays, radon is formed.  It travels into the foundation of a home via holes and cracks, accumulating over time and endangering persons inside who are exposed to the gas.

Luckily, radon testing kits are available, and you should buy one at once if you haven’t tested your home in some time.  Should danger become apparent, then it becomes imperative that you get in touch with the radon department of the California Department of Public Health.  The organization can help you find a professional who’s qualified to handle the situation and limit the risk to your home and its occupants.