42,000 Circo Girls' Fleece Blanket Sleepers Recalled by Target

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission has gotten serious about enforcing the federal flammability requirements put into place in order to assure the safety of children’s clothing.  As such, we’ve been seeing a lot of recalls akin to this next one.

Girls’ fleece blanket sleepers under the Circo brand are being recalled by the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Target Corporation.  Multiple sizes, beginning with 12 months, are affected by the recall, which encompasses blue doodle, pink leopard, and purple owl patterned footie pajamas.  42,000 articles of clothing in total are being recalled.

As hinted above, this clothing is not up to par with the flammability requirements in place for children’s sleepwear.  If an open flame were to come into contact with the item,  the child wearing the clothes would be in danger of sustaining a burn.  Thankfully, no such incidents have been reported at this point in time.

To ensure safety into the future, consumers are being asked to take the clothing away from their kids at once and bring it to the nearest Target, the exclusive retailer of the clothing.  Once the parent returns the product, which was available between August and October of last year for $13 or so, they will be given their money back.