Heated Jackets Recalled By Columbia Sportswear Over Fire Threat

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The Portland, Oregon-based Columbia Sportswear Company its informing consumers once again of a recall they initially issued way back in November 2011.  The recall pertains to Circuit Breaker, Electro Amp, and Snow Hottie parkas, softshells, and jackets.  Each of these utilizes a battery pack to heat the jacket.  33 jackets are affected by the recall, which became necessary once a cell defect was discovered in the 66 batteries found on the jackets.  This could lead a fire to take place.  No reports of such an occurrence have been made in America, but one overheating report has arisen out of Europe.  Potentially affected jackets, which were sold between September and November of last year, should have their batteries checked and removed as necessary.

For more about the recall, follow this link.