2012 Coronado and Cascadia Tractor Trailers Recalled by Daimler

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Coronado and Cascadia tractor trailers of the 2012 model year are being recalled by Daimler Trucks North America because there’s a chance that the TriPac Auxiliary Power Units from Thermo King could see their maintenance access panel doors come detached from the vehicle itself.  515 trailers in total could be affected by this issue.  If this separation were to occur while in use, any other vehicles in the vicinity of the trailer would be put in danger of coming into contact with the panel or be forced to swerve to avoid it.  Either way, a crash risk is posed.  The recall should begin around February 20.  Owners will hear from Daimler and free repairs will be provided by Thermo King dealers.

For more about the recall, follow this link.