Protect Yourself in 2013 With Burglary Prevention Tips

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Perhaps because we’re now one week removed from Christmas, residents across the Los Angeles area have experienced an uptick in home burglaries.  The Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles County is thus providing people throughout the area with a number of tips designed to help residents mitigate the chance that a burglary will be committed at their home.

First, one should be a good neighbor and be on the lookout for any unusual activity.  If a stranger has been lurking around the area, knocking on random doors or sticking to the interior of a vehicle for too long, consider placing a call to the police.  They can investigate the matter and make sure that safety is assured.

You can also protect your home by locking it up tight whether in the house or away for some period of time.  Your garage door should similarly be kept closed at all times, and you should consider getting a home security system installed as well.  A tough-sounding dog might further deter burglars.

These tips are especially vital if your home contains a collection of valuable items, be they jewelry or anything else.  If you have such a collection of trinkets, consider investing in a safety deposit box so that you can have security of such items assured.