When Perusing a Garage Sale, Avoid These Potentially Unsafe Items

Posted on December 4, 2012

Planning on doing some Christmas shopping at local garage sales?  It’s a great way to check some gift recipients off the list in a way that won’t break the bank.  And once the holidays are at a close, there are sure to be some great yard and garage sales put forth by people who didn’t receive what they want for Christmas and just want to get rid of stuff as quickly as possible.  But items at these garage sales could pose a number of safety hazards that people don’t realize.  Here then are some of those items no one should buy from a garage sale, as explained in a new report.

People first need to understand the various items that should be avoided if there’s a chance they’ve been involved in an accident of some sort.  That starts with bicycle and motorcycle helmets.  There’s simply no way to tell if they’ve been compromised by a collision of some sort; the damage might be internal.  If this is the case, the item simply wouldn’t offer the requisite protection in the event of a crash.  The same goes for tires:  if a garage sale is attempting to get rid of seemingly decent tires, steer clear.  If those tires were involved in an accident, their usability would be severely compromised and could lead to a blowout or a loss of control.

But perhaps no item poses as large a threat as does a used car seat.  There’s a reason that car seat checks are held across the country all the time.  Not only can car seats be recalled on a semi-regular basis, but they also aren’t meant to be used again if they’ve been involved in an accident.  Unfortunately, identifying this history can be difficult.  Opt to go with a new unit so that you have assurances your child will be protected.

Cribs are another item that shouldn’t be purchased at a garage sale.  Similar to car seats, cribs are also commonly recalled due to ever-shifting standards with regards to safety.  Consumers would do well to simply purchase cribs new so as to ensure that their child’s sleeping space conforms to the rigorous standards laid out by federal regulators.

There are also a few items that pose a more insidious threat.  Mattresses, for one, probably shouldn’t be purchased at a garage sale.  Over time, they accumulate bodily fluids, mold, and various forms of bacteria.  There’s also always going to be the possibility that the mattress has been infested with bed bugs.  With the numerous drawbacks, it’s probably best to simply refrain from buying a mattress from such an outlet.

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