Tips on Preventing Injuries When Snowplows Are in the Vicinity

Posted on December 5, 2012

With storms continuing to pound the Northern California area, now is the perfect time to discuss those precautions one must take to ensure that safety remains paramount throughout the winter.  As snow begins to be dumped on certain parts of the state and the country, snowplows will be popping up across the landscape, and it’s essential that you know what to do around such vehicles in order to remain safe.  Here then are some tips as provided by the Kalamazoo County Road Commission of Michigan.

With snowplows descending on the roads in the wake of snowstorms, it’s important to understand the unique driving techniques that one must execute when around such vehicles.  Snowplows should never be passed on the righthand side.  Not only will visibility be compromised as you attempt to make the pass, but the plows of many vehicles actually extend past the lane the snowplow is in and take up space in the lane to the right.  If you attempt to pass snowplows of this type, it’s highly likely that you could crash into the plow and sustain an injury.  Instead, pass on the left, and do so carefully.

Also understand how much your visibility and the visibility of the snowplow driver is compromised.  Clouds of snow dispersed into the air are problematic for both of you, so be careful whenever in the vicinity.  Also understand that truck drivers can’t see behind them.  To further ensure your focus is on the road, make sure that you’re not engaging in distracted driving.  Refrain from texting or even talking on the phone.  And also make sure you follow the safety directives that apply even on clear, sunny days.  Wear a seatbelt and travel slowly so that you don’t further endanger yourself on winter roads.

You also should make sure that your children are kept safe when snow gets dumped on your area.  When school gets cancelled, kids will often head outdoors in an honest-to-goodness frenzy, intent on engaging in snow ball fights and other misadventures.  But there are certain hazards to be aware of.  Kids should be kept away from the sides of roads.  Snowplows can make the rounds of a neighborhood throughout the day, and you don’t want your child being injured by such vehicles.

Therefore, tell your kids not to build forts or play in or around large mounds of snow stationed along the road.  By staying away from such areas, you can rest easy knowing that your child won’t be endangered by any flung snow or even unseen objects that might rest within the piles of snow.  If a plow comes along and smashes into something hidden, the object can be thrust through the air and cause an injury.  It’s best to keep children away from the roads altogether.

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