Software Update Aims to Fix Defect Plaguing Ford Fusions and Escapes

Posted on December 11, 2012

Owners of Ford Escape and Fusion automobiles of the 2013 model year were recently warned of a potential safety issue pertaining to these vehicles.  The 1.6L engines on the vehicles are reportedly in danger of overheating, which could then lead a fire to break out.  Consumers were warned of this hazard through a dashboard warning light and a chime noise.  These were meant to signify to drivers that it was time to pull over as soon as safely possible.

With drivers reporting this issue to the company and to the NHTSA, a recall was thus issued for those vehicles that suffered from the issue.  For the Ford Escape, it was the capper to a year of woes for the beleaguered vehicle, which saw five different safety recalls issued, including yet another fire hazard discovered in September.

Even though a recall was announced, it was not known what a remedy would consist of.  As such, Ford advised consumers to get in touch with a dealer to obtain some alternative transportation for the time being.  Now, though, Ford appears to have come up with a solution that will consist of a software update.  The fix should be available as soon as next week, just in time for Christmas.

Until that time, drivers should continue to use the loaner vehicle supplied by the dealer.  There’s no need to jump the gun and endanger yourself and other vehicle occupants.

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