Pet and Fire Holiday Safety Tips Offered Up in New Report

Posted on December 7, 2012

We’ve spent the fast few weeks or so bringing you tips that can be followed in order to help ensure your family will remain safe throughout the coming holidays.  But considering the multitudinous nature of this holiday, there’s really no shortage of safety tips out there.  We could caution you against potential personal injuries all the way up until 2013 and never run out of safety directives.  Here then are some new tips from MySafe:  LA.

One needs to take particular caution around the holidays if pets reside in the home.  Inquisitive animals can create hazards that homes without pets don’t have to worry about.  Animals can chew on the strands of lights, gifts under the tree, extension cords, and more.  And things like mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias, while festive, can be poisonous if an animal decides it would like to eat the item.  Tinsel could likewise be dangerous when consumed.

It’s also not surprising that a few fire safety tips are offered up.  Consumers are advised to be prepared in order to protect themselves from danger.  That means having fire extinguishers at the ready for when a blaze erupts throughout your home, including in the kitchen.  For a grease fire in the latter, don’t toss water onto the flames; instead, consider using baking soda and covering the blaze with a cookie sheet to prevent oxygen from reaching the flames.  And finally, have carbon monoxide and smoke alarms available to further offset the risk of a fire.

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