Patrolling Patterns May Limit Enforcement of Texting Ban in Alabama

Posted on December 26, 2012

Alabama recently joined the ranks of those states that have enacted some sort of ban on cellphone communication while driving.  At the beginning of August, it officially became illegal to text behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  But as with other states that have put forth such a measure, enforcement has been easier said than done.

In fact, only 59 people have been cited by the State Police for breaking the law.  But even that number looks downright large when compared with the seven tickets issued by all other law enforcement entities throughout Alabama.  This may be because citations don’t automatically have to be issued once a person has been caught texting.  Troopers can choose to give the offender a warning if they like.

One other reason that only 59 citations have been issued could have to do with the patrolling patterns of the State Police.  A spokesperson says that most texting occurs in the city, but troopers are largely responsible for looking after more rural parts of the state.  Therefore, it’s not as likely for troopers to come across the act as it would be for city departments.

Currently, offenders caught texting for the first time are subject to a $25 fine.  This increases by an additional $25 every subsequent time the offense occurs.

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