Nearly 3,000 Motorhomes Recalled by Winnebago Over Fire Risk

Posted on December 13, 2012

Motorhomes are somewhat unique in the world of vehicle recalls.  Whereas other automobiles are typically recalled because of defects with various driving functions, motorhomes can be recalled because of an issue with the amenities found within.  After all, these are motor “homes,” and thus anything inside that could pose a hazard might entail a recall.

This latest recall, which was issued by Winnebago, focuses on View, Via, and Era motorhomes of the 2009 through 2013 model years and Rayo and Navion motorhomes of the 2010 through 2013 model years.  Those latter two motorhomes are Itasca model vehicles.  Nearly 3,000 motorhomes are encompassed within the recall.

The circuits for the refrigerators found on these motorhomes did not have the correct fuses installed.  This could lead to an overheating condition which might pose a fire hazard if allowed to get out of hand.

At some point in January, owners of these vehicles can expect to hear from Winnebago.  They’ll then be able to bring the motorhomes in to a dealer to receive the necessary repairs, which will consist of fuse replacement at no cost to owners.

Having a defective refrigerator component is not the type of issue that would typically be associated with a vehicle recall.  But motorhome owners have to receive assurances that absolutely everything onboard is safe.  Hopefully consumers get this issue taken care of right away so as to preserve safety.

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