Keep Christmas Safe With a Few Last-Minute Safety Tips

Posted on December 24, 2012

The wait for Christmas is finally over.  For kids, it means that it’s finally time to open the gifts that Santa put under the tree, and for parents, it means an end to the constant shopping and planning and food preparing.  But to ensure that safety remains paramount, it’s best to keep one’s guard up against potential disaster even once Christmas is upon us.  For that reason, consumers might consider a few tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention covering all manner of topics.

Safety begins with staying warm and being cautious when out in the elements.  If you or your kids are going to be outside for even a short amount of time, you should consider bundling up with scarves, gloves, caps, boots, and as many layers of warm clothing as you can tolerate.

It’s then important to make sure safety extends to those times you get behind the wheel of an automobile.  You and your children ought to be buckled in properly at all times in case winter roads get the best of you and put your vehicle in a precarious situation.  For kids, that means utilizing the correct car or booster seat that would be suitable given the age and size of your child.  You should be free of distractions while driving, and perhaps most importantly, you should watch your alcohol intake at any holiday parties.  If you’re going to be driving, abstain from alcohol.  And if you have had a little too much egg nog or any other spirit, do not get into the driver’s seat.  Instead, arrange for alternate forms of transportation.

If you have kids, then ensuring their safety is an essential operation at all times.  Christmas is an exciting time to be a kid, and since their minds will be focused on toys and festivities and just about everything other than safety, it’s up to you to pick up the slack.  Kids should be bundled up, and they should only be given toys that are appropriate for their age range.  You should keep an eye on youngsters at all times, especially if you travel to a new environment that might hold household dangers.  Lay out ground rules for such travels, and make sure that kids understand appropriate behaviors that prevent danger.

Also be sure to keep your family safe from a potential foodborne illness.  Whether you’re hosting the party or you’re the guest in someone’s home, keep your hands clean by washing them at regular intervals.  And if indeed you are the one inviting everyone over, prevent foodborne illness by cooking every dish thoroughly and immediately refrigerating any plates that aren’t going to be served at that very moment.

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