Hyundai Recalls 13,500 Veloster Vehicles For Sunroof Issue

Posted on December 19, 2012

Sunroofs come as an option on many vehicles, but those who gets this feature need assurances of safety.  As we’ll see from this next recall, though, a defect could lead this component to pose a unique safety hazard.

Hyundai has announced the recall of Veloster vehicles of the 2012 model year.  Each affected vehicle would have been produced between November of last year and April 17 of this year.  As stated above, each recalled automobile comes with a panoramic sunroof, adding up to a total of 13,500 that might suffer from a safety issue.

While installation of the sunroof was taking place at the manufacturing facility, weakening may have occurred in the assembly of this item.  This could lead the sunroof to shatter unexpectedly.  If this were to take place while the automobile was traveling, then it could lead the driver or occupants to be injured by falling glass.  In addition, the ensuing distraction could lead to a crash situation.

To ensure safety, owners will receive word of the issue from Hyundai.  This will take place at some point next month.  Consumers will then be able to bring the automobiles back to receive an inspection, and if necessary, an assembly replacement.  All of this will be done for free.

Unfortunately, this is the second recall of the 2012 Veloster we’ve had to report to you today.  Let’s hope that it’s the last.

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