Fire, Explosion Threat Prompts Recall of 163,000 Gas Valves

Posted on December 11, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of gas valves that could be installed in your home or your place of work are being recalled.  Apparently, there’s a chance that a fire or even an explosion could result should a certain defect present itself.

The Taiwan-based Fu San Machinery announced the recall, which pertains to a number of low lead ball valves under seven different brand names.  These items were made available to numerous importers, including AY McDonald, Legend, and a company called Aqualine that’s based in nearby Corona.  These brass shut-off valves have a date code between 1103 and 1112 and are three quarters or one inch in pipe line size.  A total of 163,000 valves found in residences and commercial buildings are affected by the recall.

Although no one has reported experiencing an injury or even an incident, there exists a possibility that cracks can form within the valve.  This would lead gas to emanate from the unit, which could in turn cause an explosion that would compromise the safety of all those in the vicinity, as well as potentially lead to property damage.

The valves, which were provided to importers between April of last year and January of this year, should not be used.  As such, owners ought to switch off their gas.  Danville Sales has been tasked with overseeing the recall, and they will provide affected consumers with $300 so that such persons can seek professional repairs.

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