FDA Hopes to Improve Medical Device Approval Process Via Partnership

Posted on December 3, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of consumers all across the country.  It’s the agency’s responsibility to approve only those medical devices that would provide ample benefits whilst mitigating unnecessary risks, and they also keep track of food that might be contaminated in order to prevent an outbreak of some sort.  But as medical science continues to evolve at an astonishing rate, some have voiced displeasure at the FDA’s supposed inability to adequately and speedily approve those medical devices that could help people if they could only reach the market quicker.

The FDA is now partnering with a nonprofit known as the Medical Device Innovation Consortium.  This organization intends to use insights from the government, from the industry, and from other sources to figure out ways that medical device approval could be sped up and improved.  It’s hoped that the ensuing improvements would be beneficial to regulatory science as a whole.

The thought is that not only would development and evaluation procedures benefit from this partnership, but that promising devices would be able to be released for less money and in less time.  The FDA intends to work with the MDIC when it comes to research and other initiatives.

Let’s hope this ushers in a new age of safety for our medical devices.

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