Decreased Visibility Risk Leads Ford to Recall 19,106 Fusion Vehicles

Posted on December 7, 2012

Earlier this week saw a recall issued in regards to Ford Fusion vehicles.  In that instance, the vehicles may have suffered from a defect which could lead to a fire.  Now there’s word that another recall is being issued, but this time the Fusions in question may have a defect that compromises visibility.

Affected vehicles in this case were produced between February 3 and October 20 of this year, and each is of the 2013 model year.  19,106 of these particular Fusions are being recalled by Ford because they fail to meet the federal standards that pertain to lamps and reflective devices.

Specifically, the coating for the low beam headlamp projector might not be sufficient due to improper curing that may have taken place while the manufacturing process was ongoing.  This could cause the coating to get hazier over time, essentially blocking out the light emitted from the low beams.  Drivers would be privy to decreased visibility the longer they drive, which could lead to a potential crash situation.

On Monday, the recall is set to start.  At that point, owners can expect to receive word of the issue from Ford.  Dealers will then offer a headlamp assembly replacement service at no cost to consumers.

Two recalls on one vehicle in a week’s time is not a trend we’d like to see continue.  Hopefully this is the end of the safety woes associated with these automobiles.

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