Can’t Help Texting At The Wheel? There’s An App For That

Posted on December 18, 2012

It’s easy to stand on a soapbox and simply call for an end to texting while driving, but putting the phone down is easier said than done by some.  There are those out there who maybe don’t intend to engage in distracting behavior, but when the ringtone goes off, they can’t help but reach for their phones.  For such people, consider one of the apps detailed in a new report.

You first might consider one of the apps that can shut off texting functions once a vehicle and the phone residing within hit a certain speed.  Text-STAR and Textecution each have this ability, but the apps themselves are slightly different.  The former acts more like a personal assistant that just happens to have an anti-texting and driving function.  Not only is texting shut off at ten mph, but you can preprogram other times that you want texting disabled.  Textecution is focused solely on texting and requires admin approval to disable when you’re a passenger as opposed to the driver.

For those looking for more incentive to not text or engage in other dangerous behaviors, then consider DriveScribe.  Mainly geared toward parents concerned about teens, DriveScribe can deduce your driving behaviors and reward you points accordingly.  These points can be redeemed for prizes like gift cards and store discounts.  It also reports any infractions to a specified destination.

For those looking for more basic, disabling technology, consider DriveMode or  The former turns off texting ability, while the latter reads texts to you so your eyes can stay on the road.

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