Buyer Beware: Fake FDA Officials Preying on Online Pharmacy Customers

Posted on December 13, 2012

Shopping for medication online is a risky proposition.  There are numerous “pharmacies” out there in the internet ether that claim to be valid but are actually only set up as a means to scam hard working people out of their money.  One should always be wary if a pharmacy website appears dubious.  Not only could financial fraud be possible, but the drugs provided may not have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  These counterfeit drugs could cause severe harm to an individual’s health.

The FDA is also warning people about a new type of scam in which enterprising criminals actually attempt to pass themselves off as FDA agents.  The scheme targets those persons who have shopped at the aforementioned unlicensed pharmacies.  After the fake pharmacy website obtains the information of the unwitting individual, a criminal will then give that person a call.  Pretending to be an official with the FDA, they will accuse them of breaking the law by shopping at the illegal online pharmacy.  Pressure will then be exerted upon the individual to make a payment that will take care of the potential charges that could be levied against them for the illegal shopping.

This tactic is not something that the FDA would ever do.  To make sure you’re kept safe, avoid shopping at unlicensed online pharmacies.  And if someone who calls you claims to be an FDA official and asks for payment, absolutely do not agree.

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