80,057 Fusion and Escape Vehicles Recalled by Ford Over Fire Risk

Posted on December 5, 2012

A massive automobile recall has been announced, but what separates this next recall announcement from other similar safety directives is the fact that the auto company is actually encouraging drivers to seek alternate means of transportation until the issue can be fixed.  This might suggest a danger that could present itself at any moment.

Ford announced this recall, which pertains to Fusion and Escape automobiles of the 2013 model year.  Each affected automobile has a 1.6L engine and was produced up until the latter part of last month.  That equates to a total of 80,057 vehicles that might suffer from the defect which necessitated the recall.

The recall was necessitated because the engines are in danger of overheating.  This could cause fluid to leak out, and the hot exhaust systems of the vehicles could then make contact with these fluids.  The hot exhaust system, because of the high levels of heat thrown off, could ignite those fluids that it contacts, and thus a fire becomes a distinct possibility.  This would compromise the safety of vehicle occupants and pose a hazard on the road.

There’s no word on what the recall will entail.  Ford is in the process of coming up with a suitable remedy.  Until they do, consumers should refrain from driving their vehicles.  Instead, they can contact dealers or the company directly.  Alternate transportation is being provided to affected owners.

The recall is set to begin at the end of this week, but in the meantime, make sure you stay safe by not driving these vehicles.

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