Particulate Matter Risk Leads Hospira to Recall Carboplatin Injections

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A series of items that are designed to treat advanced ovarian carcinoma are being recalled because of the potential for visible particulate matter within the injections.  Hospira announced the recall, which affects three lots of Carboplatin Injections in a 45 or 60 milliliter Multi Dose Vial.  Lots Z011711AA, Z011711AB, and Z021650AA are being recalled, and each is set to expire in August 2013.  They were available across the country from March to September.  The crystals that were found within the product are reportedly composed of Carboplatin itself.  If the patient is injected with such crystals, the crystals could clog up blood vessels and lead to a host of medical issues, such as infarction, vasculitis, or the formation of granulomas.

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