Fire Suppression Error Prompts Prevost to Recall X3-45 Coach Buses

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X3-45 coach buses of the 2011 model year are being recalled by Prevost.  Each of the 87 potentially affected vehicles come with an Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression System, and it’s this component that could pose the hazard.  While placed in the engine compartment, the ensuing high temperatures in that area might lead the system’s storage tank to dump its contents via a pressure relief valve.  Should a fire break out, this issue might inhibit the ability of the fire suppression system, and thus people on board could be injured.  The recall will begin at some point this month.  Owners will be notified and can receive free repairs from a dealer.  These repairs will consist of a repositioning of the aforementioned storage tank.

Follow this link for more about the recall.