Dogcandy Hound Cake Recalled Over Potential Mold Threat

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Blueberry Hound Cake and Holiday Hound Cake under the Dogcandy Brand are being recalled by Claudia’s Canine Cuisine because there’s a possibility that mold can be found in the items.  Each affected version of the item has 08-2015 as its Best By date and comes in a 7.5 ounce bag.  The products were available at Petsmart retail locations found across the country.  The mold is apparently the result of the manufacturer packing these items before they were allowed to cool sufficiently.  This creates additional moisture within the product, and this moisture could lead mold to develop.  No illnesses have thus far been reported, and to ensure that that remains the case, consumers should not give the food to their pet.  Instead, they should seek a refund from Petsmart or the company directly.

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