1,250 Scan and Jotul Fireplace Inserts Recalled Over Shock, Burn Risks

Posted on December 5, 2012

A series of items that could lead a user to sustain a shock or incur a burn is being recalled.  Consumers who own these items should not underestimate the threat.

The recall pertains not to fireplaces, but to inserts that can be placed into fireplaces in order to create liquid propane or natural gas effects.  The Gorham, Maine-based Jotul North America announced the recall, which affects Scan and Jotul inserts, each of which will be steel or cast iron and come with ceramic fiber logs and an electrical cord.  1,200 inserts throughout the country are being recalled, as are 50 additional units residing in Canada.

The electrical wiring on these inserts could potentially touch the metal rating plate component.  If this were to occur and a consumer was to come into contact with the insert, he or she could be shocked. It’s also possible that they would be burned.  One person has reportedly sustained these types of injuries already.

These items, which were available from retailers across the United States, cost around $2,200 when they were on sale between June 2010 and September of this year.  To ensure that safety is assured, consumers are being advised to unplug the inserts until such time that they can get free repairs made.  Unplugging also allows consumers to check out the model and serial numbers (the link above lists affected units).

Keep your family safe from harm, and make sure to take care of this issue right away, especially now that the weather is getting cooler.

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