Fire Hazard Prompts Hino to Recall 35,168 Medium Duty Trucks

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Numerous types of trucks are being recalled because there’s a chance that continued usage could lead to a fire and subsequent injury.  Read on to find out if you might be the owner of one of these vehicles.

Hino Motors Sales U.S.A. has announced the recall, which pertains to eight different models of medium duty trucks.  Each is of a model year between 2005 and 2013 and was produced between August 18, 2003 and November 16 of last year.  A whopping 35,168 trucks are encompassed within the scope of the recall.

At issue is the fact that the B+ circuit which leads from the battery to the starter could experience wear over a long period of time.  This wear, which stems from repeated interference between the circuit and its sheath, could lead the circuit to short to ground.  A short to ground situation might then cause a fire to break out, endangering anyone inside the vehicle.

The recall is currently slated to start on January 15.  At that point, owners should receive word of the issue from Hino.  Truck repairs will then be conducted by dealers at no cost to the consumer.

With tens of thousands of vehicles, many of them nearly a decade old, affected by a recall, there’s always a worry that some vehicles will slip through the cracks.  Hopefully owners will hear about the issue and get their trucks fixed accordingly.