Freebird Chicken Nuggets and Patties Recalled by Suzanna's Kitchen

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The Duluth, Georgia-based Suzanna’s Kitchen has announced the recall of cases of Freebird Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets, Fully Cooked Chicken Nuggets, and Freebird Fully Cooked Gluten Free/Soy Free Chicken Patties.  A whopping 35,800 pounds of product are affected by the recall, and the items were available across the country shortly after production on either September 6 of last year or March 15 of this year.  The safety of these items may be compromised by the presence of plastic pieces within the product.  It’s thought that the packaging holding the items before production could be to blame for the issue.  No one has reported incurring an illness or an injury in conjunction with the chicken at this time.

For more about the recall, click here.