X-Rider Children’s Toy Car Recalled by Step2 Company Over Injury Risk

Posted on November 27, 2012

A child’s toy has been recalled, but not before a few reported incidents were brought to the attention of the company.  If you have a child, then make sure this toy is taken away promptly if it’s in their possession.

The Streetsboro, Ohio-based Step2 Company announced the recall, which concerns the X-Rider Car.  This red and yellow toy, which is meant to be sat on and pedaled around by young kids, was available at numerous retailers, with Target being perhaps the most high-profile seller.  15,500 toys are being recalled, and each was available across the country between January and August of this year.  They cost around $25.

When kids use these toys, they can apparently lean forward to the point where their momentum could cause them to flip completely over the handlebars.  This fall hazard has reportedly already resulted in four reported incidents.  One of these incidents allegedly led to a bump on the head while another is alleged to have led the child to sustain cuts to the mouth and even a minor concussion.  Replacement units are being offered to owners who get in contact with the company.

You always hope that a recall can be issued before injuries occur, but as witnessed here, that simply isn’t always the case.  Follow the advice contained within this recall notification and do whatever you can to keep abreast of recall information so that you can be sure your child remains safe at all times.

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