Take Precautions When Travelling Across the Country For Thanksgiving

Posted on November 16, 2012

We’re coming up on one of the biggest travel weeks of the year.  As such, thousands if not millions of people across the country will find themselves in unfamiliar environments as they crisscross the nation in a bid to spend Thanksgiving with their relatives. But with such alterations to the status quo come potential safety hazards that could present themselves.  The National Crime Prevention Council and the Newark Police understand this and are offering up tips to those who plan to travel next week.

Safety begins when one arrives at the airport.  Until such time that you’re required to hand over your luggage to the necessary personnel, you should keep an eye on your bags at all times.  Thieves might prey upon distracted travelers during this time, which is why it’s also important to keep your identification, tickets, and money and credit cards with you at all times.  Such items should be placed in either a wallet in your front pocket or a purse held tight so that they can’t be snatched away.  One of the ways thieves take advantage of the situation is to create a distraction like “accidentally” crashing into you, and then when you feel for your valuables minutes later, they’re suddenly gone.  Don’t fall victim to this ploy.

Once you arrive at your destination, have a plan and know where you have to go.  Familiarize yourself with the area via a map.  If you plan to get behind the wheel of a rental car, understand proper usage before you leave.  That includes figuring out how to turn on the headlights, wiper blades, and other equipment that should be used to promote safety.  If you don’t think about these systems until you need them, it could be too late.  Luggage needs to go in the trunk so that when you park the car it won’t be stolen.  To further ensure your vehicle won’t be targeted, hide the map and the rental agreement, as these signify that you recently traveled to the area.  Also only park in areas that are well-lit and whose safety you can verify.

Also understand the proper precautions to take if you plan on staying at a hotel.  As with the airport, keep your luggage near you unless it’s taken off your hands by a hotel employee.  When it comes to things like a laptop or cash, utilize the hotel safe.  Also be sure when you get to the room that you lock the door and understand where to go should an emergency take place.  If someone knocks on your door, use the peephole available before opening it.  And finally, protect yourself from harm by never saying your room number in a public area.

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