South Lake Tahoe Police and Other Agencies Target Distracted Driving

Posted on November 30, 2012

Numerous police agencies across the state of California have had it with distracted driving, and they seem intent on doing whatever they can to get drivers to understand the danger.  So before you pick up your cellphone, you might want to read on to learn just how serious law enforcement officials are about cracking down on distraction behind the wheel.

Throughout the Sacramento area and nearby environs, the California Highway Patrol, South Lake Tahoe police, and three dozen additional agencies will be targeting distracted drivers and trying to spread awareness about the danger.  The South Lake Tahoe PD, in particular, plans to conduct an enforcement campaign starting today and leading up until December 9.  2013 will see similar efforts put forth across the state so that drivers might finally get the message that the cellphone habit needs to be kicked.

In addition to enforcement, though, authorities also want to emphasize education in a bid to stop distracted driving before it starts.  When entering a vehicle, phones should be either turned off or placed somewhere where the driver wouldn’t be tempted to reach for it.  Some sort of message should be activated letting contacts know that you’re unavailable when they try to get ahold of you.  And if you need to get ahold of someone but know that they’re driving, delay the call or the text until they’ve likely brought their vehicle to a halt.

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