Software Updates Increasingly Important for Vehicle Safety

Posted on November 5, 2012

On our site, we often bring you news regarding the latest automobile recalls.  We feel that such a service is important to consumers.  Getting repairs made on a defective component as soon as possible is absolutely essential to encouraging safety on the road, and we want to make sure you get the information you need to keep your family safe.

A new article explains in greater detail how some recalls work, and the operation might surprise you.  The truth is, many issues nowadays can be fixed with a simple software update.  Automobile manufacturers can monitor their complaints department for issues that tend to present multiple times, and if a software update can fix said issue, it’s a simple matter of uploading the upgrade to affected drivers.

For instance, Ford recently initiated an update for their MyFord Touch software, which users are able to engage with via a screen on the dashboard.  There was some division among consumers in regards to the outside temperature display on this screen; some liked it, some felt it was redundant.  It was removed, but after an outcry among consumers in favor of it, a further update made such a display screen an option once again.

The great thing is, for issues that don’t pose an immediate threat to safety, consumers can simply wait until they bring their vehicles in to a dealer for regular maintenance like an oil change.  Dealers can update the software and consumers can be on their way.

As technology improves, so apparently does safety.

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