Report Suggests Recalled Vehicles Can Be Found on Used Car Lots

Posted on November 7, 2012

How sure are you that the vehicle you drive off the lot is safe?  The truth is, there’s always a chance that the automobile you’re about to purchase or have purchased suffers from a defect that compromises the safety of that vehicle.  One would hope that used car dealers wouldn’t subject their customers to a possible threat to safety, but as you’ll find out in this next story, that’s exactly what might happen at times.

A news station in Rhode Island recently set out to investigate this phenomenon following an incident wherein a used van caught fire as it was sitting in a local individual’s driveway.  Thankfully, no one appears to have been injured, but it was later determined that the van had unresolved issues with the wiring that could lead to a fire.  Those issues were never taken care of by the dealer despite a widespread recall of nearly 100,000 of the vans.

It didn’t take the news crew long to find a dealership that engaged in the practice of selling recalled vehicles.  In fact, the first used car lot they looked into was allegedly selling at least a couple vehicles that had been recalled.  As it stands at the moment, the law for selling such automobiles varies by state, so consumers should conduct their due diligence when getting ready to buy an automobile.

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