Protect Your Home and Vehicle Whenever You Exit

Posted on November 20, 2012

Holiday safety is going to remain a priority over the next month or so, and there’s no shortage of tips that can be followed to help avoid hazards that could compromise your ability to safely enjoy the festivities.  Whether you’re out shopping, hanging decorations, or traveling for miles and miles to visit relatives, there’s going to be potential risks that should be mitigated at all costs.  Today, we’d like to bring your attention to a few safety tips offered by the Los Angeles Police Department in a bid to make sure your home stays safe when you leave town and your vehicle stays safe when you go in a store.

Houses that have been emptied as residents travel to visit relatives across the country are prime targets for burglars.  However, there are things you can do to limit the risk of theft.  First, it should go without saying that all windows and doors should be locked up tight whenever you leave.  This is a rule that should apply even if you’re just exiting the house for a few moments.  If, however, you know you’re going to be gone for a few days, then consider letting a trusted acquaintance such as a neighbor or close friend know that you’ll be away.  Ask he or she to look in on the house and get the mail and the newspaper.  Having a stack of newspapers present near your front door basically signals to everyone that you’re out of town.

Even without a friend checking in on the house, though, you can protect yourself.  Consider investing in some kind of automatic timer that turns the lights on, both indoor and outdoor, at regular intervals so that it appears that someone is inside.  To further throw thieves off the scent, consider leaving your television or radio on.  That way, sound will emanate from the house and it will seem like someone is there.  And if you have a pile of gifts just waiting to be opened, those gifts should be somewhere they can’t be spotted from outside the house.  Having gifts splayed out for all to see is basically an invitation for thievery.

These types of precautions extend to your vehicle, especially in the midst of shopping for gifts.  Your automobile, like your residence, should be locked up whenever you exit.  And just like with houses, you don’t want to leave gifts and other items someplace they’ll be seen.  Put purchases in the trunk, and if you have other valuables, stash them somewhere like the glove compartment or under your seat so no one peeking in will know what’s there.  That includes computer and phone chargers, which could provide a hint that more valuable items rest in places not readily apparent.

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