Prius the Latest Vehicle to Be Recalled By Toyota

Posted on November 15, 2012

An astounding number of vehicles are being recalled by Toyota, marking just the latest in a series of recall announcements that have called the company’s safety track record into question.

This time, the recall affects Prius automobiles of the 2004 through 2009 model years.  A whopping 669,705 vehicles might suffer from the defect which necessitated the recall.  Each of the vehicles would have been produced between August 5, 2003 and the end of March 2009.

The defect stems from the fact that a series of metal splines aren’t as hard as they should be.  These splines are responsible for completely connecting the steering gear to the steering wheel.  The lack of adequate hardness could lead to excessive wear and a failure of the spline component.  This would compromise the driver’s ability to control the vehicle, which could lead to a crash.

Next month is when the recall should begin, and affected vehicle owners should hear from Toyota at that time.  Free repairs will be conducted following an inspection by a dealer if it’s determined that the issue exists.

Toyota is no stranger to recalls as of late.  Recent recall announcements have pertained to a wide variety of automobiles that have been plagued by issues affecting the gas pedal, the brakes, and other vehicle components.  Hopefully this will be the last we hear of a safety issue compromising a Toyota vehicle.

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