Prioritize Safety Over Price When It Comes To Picking the Right Tires

Posted on November 12, 2012

Some people get so caught up in the price of something that they forget to make sure that what they’re buying is going to be the safest choice.  Thankfully, Consumer Reports does what they can to test out numerous items from a variety of price ranges in order to aid consumers in their quest to purchase a safe product.

Perhaps nowhere is this more important than with tires.  However, people have apparently questioned how the agency has come up with their tire prices, which are often not close to what the average consumer might pay.  A new report explains how those prices only reflect the retail price at the time of purchase.  This price can change over time, plus there might not be an across-the-board price for every locale and retailer.  Also realize that installation fees can change the cost, as can the tire’s size.

But let’s also take this time to understand that price should not be the most important factor to consider when purchasing a tire.  After all, all the money in the world won’t matter much if a tire fails, and you’ll also regret that great deal you got if a ruptured tire leads to a crash.

Instead, carry out research and find out which tires are a safe bet.  Replacing tires when needed and conducting the necessary maintenance can promote a safe stopping distance should you be required to brake quickly.  With winter coming up, traction and the devices that promote such are going to be more important than ever, so do what you can to make sure your vehicle’s tires meet rigorous safety standards before driving.

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