Power Loss Safety Tips for Families Affected by Inclement Weather

Posted on November 28, 2012

Starting today, rainstorms and even snow were set to hit parts of Northern California.  These conditions can have a detrimental impact on driving, visibility, and all sorts of things.  They might even lead to a power outage under the right circumstances.  All across California, it’s clear that we’re approaching the season where rain can pour down at any time.  To make sure that you’re prepared for the potential loss of power that could result, then consider these safety tips from the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Before you even get put in a situation where the power might go out, ensure that you have all the necessities that can protect you and your family.  That starts with batteries and those essentials which use those batteries in the event of a power outage.  Flashlights are an absolute must (and they’re safer than candles), as are radios that can keep you up to speed of a potential disaster.

Nowadays, many people have turned exclusively to their cellphones and have gotten rid of a landline entirely.  But if that’s not yet the case for you, then make sure that you have devices handy that will keep you in contact when you need it.  Cordless phones and answering machines might not operate when electricity is lost, and if the event is particularly bad and cell communication goes out, a standard telephone might be your only means of communication.  Or, on the other hand, landlines could all go out and your cellphone is your only option.  Have both ready so that you’re properly protected.

You never know how long a power outage is going to continue, so you might need to take steps to prevent foodborne illness.  One handy way to preserve food for a little bit longer if your refrigerator and freezer go out is to pour water into a plastic canister of some sort and then place this into the freezer while it’s still working.  That way, it will turn into ice and be ready to keep food cool a bit longer when the power is gone.

It’s also important to be ready for when the power comes back on.  If everything is plugged in at the moment that electricity is restored, the circuits could overload and a fire could potentially break out.  To curtail this threat, simply unplug all appliances aside from one lamp or some such item that can alert you to when the power is back up.  Then wander around your residence and turn things on an appliance at a time.

Finally, be careful when you’re in the area of downed power lines.  Don’t approach them if there’s a chance they might be live.  And when it comes to generators, consider having an electrician come by to install such devices.  That way, you know an additional hazard isn’t posed by that item.

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