Manitoba Bike Helmet Law Offers Education Ultimatum

Posted on November 5, 2012

Bicycle safety has become increasingly important as more and more people turn to these conveyances to save on gas money and improve the environment.  And getting around heavy Los Angeles traffic can sometimes be a lot easier on the back of a bicycle.  However, we also have to acknowledge the important role that helmets play in keeping a bicyclist safe.  Manitoba is set to introduce a new law regarding helmet usage among teens, and there’s a unique aspect of this law that we feel is worth mentioning.

The law, once put into effect, will make it illegal for bicycle riders to travel without a helmet.  Failure to adhere to the law will result in a $50 citation.  However, if first time offenders can demonstrate that they’ve learned their lesson, they won’t have to pay the fine.

To demonstrate that their lesson has indeed been learned, teens will be required to take an online test filled with questions about cycling safety.  Upon completion, the fine will be waived.  Combined with an educational campaign, officials hope that the effort will enable teens in the area to learn the importance of helmet use before having to pay a hefty fine.

Some safety-conscious persons have come out in opposition to the law because it only pertains to teens under the age of 18, whereas adults remain exempt.  However, officials emphasize that a future amendment might remove that exemption.

Could education help improve road safety more than a financial penalty?  Only time will tell.

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