Holiday Decoration Tips That Can Reduce the Risk of a Fire

Posted on November 2, 2012

With Halloween over, the holiday season can officially begin (and indeed, certain advertisements and decorations for the merry season started to encroach upon the spooky season weeks ago).  As citizens begin to remove their ghosts and jack o’lanterns in favor of garland and snowmen, one decoration that many are likely to consider is a holiday candle that utilizes an open flame.  Combined with a roaring fireplace and sets of twinkly lights, nothing quite sets the holiday mood like it.  However, this is a one-two-three punch of fire danger, and to ensure that your holiday is safe from a fire, consider following these safety tips out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

First, make sure that your fireplace is ready for the winter season.  If you live in a warmer clime, then you likely haven’t used your fireplace for months.  Have a certified inspector come by to take a look at the chimney and conduct a cleaning operation if needed.  That way, your residence won’t be endangered.  The other item that should get an inspection is the smoke alarm, or hopefully alarms, found in your home.  And explain to children and even guests what should be done should a fire break out.

When it comes to candles, you also need to err on the side of caution.  That means that you need to place them in the right place before they’re lit.  Candle areas should be free of items that might be set ablaze by an open flame.  They also need to be high enough off the ground that a curious child or even a pet wouldn’t be able to reach them and potentially burn themselves or knock over the candle.  The same goes for matches and lighters.  Keep them in a place where only you and other adults would be able to get them.

Some people pay no mind to whether the lights that they string about a residence are meant for indoor or outdoor use, but such descriptors on a box are there for a reason.  Before you hang the strings of lights, go over the entire cord to ensure there haven’t been any frays or damaged bulbs.  When you do finally get ready to put the lights up, opt for clips as opposed to nails that would potentially damage the cord.  And make sure that any decorations in the vicinity of the lights aren’t flammable.

Finally, don’t take a risk when it comes time to go to sleep for the night.  Blow out all your candles, do whatever you can to make sure there aren’t any open flames left in your fireplace, and shut off power to your decorative lights.  Bonus tip:  unplug them completely to save on energy.

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