Getting Speeders to Pay Requisite Fines in Columbus, Ohio Not Easy

Posted on November 19, 2012

Police in Columbus, Ohio have expressed their frustration at an inability to get persons who speed through construction zones to pay the requisite fines.  It’s a problem that is likely felt by law enforcement officials across the country who try to grapple with a sometimes unwieldy bureaucratic system.

Ohio has made a marked effort of late to emphasize to people how important it is to drive cautiously when workers are present.  The state has done so through public service announcements and an increased police presence.  But for officers in Franklin County, where Ohio is located, it’s not enough.  The police are doing their job, but a recent report found that three of every ten tickets issued don’t result in the offender paying the full amount of the fine.

There are a host of reasons for this, and they shed light on some interesting trends.  First, those who actually show up in court to fight the ticket are far more likely to get off with at least a reduced fine than are those who pay online or through the mail.  With time at a premium, prosecutors must sift through the cases to arrive at charges they think will stick.  And the fact is, in Ohio at least, officers who wrote the ticket don’t always arrive at court.

There’s a host of statistics which showcase this troubling trend further, so click the link for more information.  Just know that, when resources are limited, it’s apparent from this story that justice might not be served.  Hopefully this can serve as a signal to states to always do what is necessary to achieve what’s right.

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