Fuel Leak Leads to Recall of 150,600 Honda Portable Generators

Posted on November 15, 2012

On the heels of Hurricane Sandy, numerous people have had to turn to portable generators in order to get power for vital functions.  That’s what makes a recall of those items so disheartening.  We already brought you word yesterday of a recall related to generators, and today we’ve received news of yet another recall affecting even more generators.

The Torrance, California-based American Honda Motor Company announced this recall, which pertains to portable generators that run on gasoline and have a model number of EU2000i and a serial number between EAAJ-2260273 and EAAJ-2485025.  Each of the generators will be either camouflaged or black and red.  A whopping 150,600 generators are encompassed by the recall.

A leak can take place in the fuel hose of these items, which could lead to a risk of a burn or a fire.  At this point, four people have alerted Honda to the fact that they experienced a fuel leak, but thankfully, those occurrences did not apparently lead an injury or a blaze to break out.

The generators were sold at a number of retailers across the country between last October and this past September.  Purchasers are being advised to contact Honda, who has vowed to offer free inspections and any necessary repairs.

That’s two generator recalls in just as many days.  One would hope that this isn’t a sign of a dangerous trend.

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