CPSC Adopts Safety Measures That Target Infant Swings

Posted on November 14, 2012

From 2009 to this year, 351 children were involved in some sort of incident that occurred in conjunction with an infant swing.  These devices, which use a mechanism to swing an infant to and fro, were involved in the injury of 24 children, and two children had their lives tragically cut short.

Because of this, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has instated new safety measures that the infant swings will be required to meet in the future.  Thanks to a unanimous 3-0 vote, infant swings will have to adhere to these new rules beginning in May of next year.

The new rules are varied and include such measures as minimum loads that the swings will have to be able to bear and a new stability requirement meant to ensure that the swing can’t tip over while in use.  Other tests are designed to make sure the product can’t fold accidentally and that the restraints can’t suddenly give out.

All those products that use a battery must now also prevent overheating and leakage of the battery unit, and any mobiles found on the items should not be detachable.  A new warning label will be attached detailing certain dangers, and the swing surface must also be flat either while stationary or in motion.

These new standards are vital to ensuring safety.  If you have an infant swing in your home right now, make sure it is safe before placing your child inside.

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