Chula Vista Police Target Cellphone Usage Behind the Wheel

Posted on November 12, 2012

Communities across California are attempting to emphasize just how dangerous using a cellphone in any manner behind the wheel of a vehicle can be.  Through various education and enforcement measures, the hope is that drivers will slowly begin to understand the inherent risks of texting or talking on a phone behind the wheel and remove the distraction from their lives.

For those that still don’t get the message, though, you can expect to pay out citations until you adjust your habits.  The Chula Vista Police Department is the latest agency to crack down on distracted driving.  Beginning his morning, officers with the organization were out in full force in a bid to look out for persons using their cellphone while driving. The daylong effort was made possible by way of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration grant facilitated by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

Offenders that get nabbed by the police can expect to pay a hefty fine of $159.  But that’s not much when compared to the potential loss you could suffer from an accident.  It’s been estimated that four out of five accidents nowadays can be at least partially attributed to distraction, and most of these incidents stem from phone usage.

Hopefully drivers will begin to get the hint and realize that enforcement efforts like this one in Chula Vista are put in place for a reason:  to keep citizens safe on California roads.

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